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First up, I'm going to announce that I made myself a Patreon last night and I've already decided to post my first public poll on that platform themed around milfs:


Hopefully I can figure out how the heck Patreon even operates so I can use it as a viable platform to both gain revenue and support from viewers like you. Thank you. Now that I made that cheesy PBS reference, here's another announcement:

Second of all, I'd like to announce that starting on May 6th at noon, I'm gonna be be taking a semi-hiatus from my Twitter to both reflect on how I can improve as an artist and as a person, try to lose some weight, and catch up on both my request queue and miscellaneous projects I'll be working on. I will take the time to post my art at least once or twice a week there between May 6th and May 20th, which of course with be the duration of this semi-break from my main social media hub. During this time, I'll also be more available on Discord and keeping updates within various direct messaging platforms so close friends and family will know I'm alright. Heck, I'll even spend a bit more time with my girlfriend.

Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say for now. Be prepared for more posts on either here or my NewTumbl to help keep everything up to date in terms of recent uploads. Wish me the best of luck, and hopefully I'll return to Twitter a better person. And of course, I'll also come back with a lot more art to upload and share with all you awesome folks.

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