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And thus onto us, the gift of more Madam Mim lewdness has been provided. Merry Christmas Mantis and SLB.

Kanna, paizuri AND a buttjob in the same video?!

Now I definitely need to draw you some Leggy Lamb lewds.

CumminHam responds:

do it dude!

Yep. I'm definitely gonna draw some lewd fanart based on this.

CumminHam responds:

Dew it dood!

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Finally. A reasonable means to try out this game. Now I'll definitely be drawing lewd art of Shady Silvie soon enough. Nice work so far, Shades.

ShadyCornerGames responds:

Thanks Doctor :D Keen to see the art and thanks for playing!

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Whoa! You've been showing a lot of potential lately in terms of your musical compositions. What program do you use, I wonder?

superwagon64 responds:

ive been using a program called LMMS for a while now because its doesnt take a lot of power to run, its been limiting in a couple places but it works for right now lol

Truly the most metal tribute to Chrono Trigger ever conceived, and I could simply tell it was just that awesome within the first 50 seconds. Way to go!

BERSERKYD responds:

wooooohoiooo I made it ! Thanks man ^^

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I'd most definitely love that kind of extra credit from a hottie like Kashiwagi. Nicely done on the trade again, GN.

If this actually was a buttjob animation, then now I definitely wanna draw this particular Karen now more than I already did.

This is officially my favorite lewd animation of yours so far, Drawsputin. Hands down, bar non.

Drawsputin responds:

I used the "buttjob" tag, so it must indeed be a buttjob. XD

Thanks again for the belated birthday gift.

24-yo. artist/writer w. Asperger's who sketches lewd drawings and other cool stuff too. Mostly NSFW. All characters depicted 18+ yo. Banner by yours truly.

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